Handling the ex-factor in a dating relationship

Relationships come and go and most of us have had to be in and out of several relationships before finally getting to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. When you break up with someone , the memories never seem to go away immediately.

If you have moved on and found new love on a dating site, it is important to appreciate the fact that people are different and maybe your past relationship was just not meant to be. Whenever you decide to opt for online dating on sites such as www.cupid.com, you need to realize the fact that you have made a unanimous decision to move on with your life.

If your quest to find love online has finally bore fruit, you need to make sure that your past relationships do not have a direct bearing on your current relationship. When you have met someone new and you strongly feel they deserve a chance, you need to cut ties with past relationships and focus on building your new found love.

The ex-factor as it is commonly called has been responsible for ruining many present-day relationships. Some people usually think that they can find new love and at the same time continue to have ties with former partners or lovers.

The fact that your past relationship did not succeed means there was a problem, you need to rub off the thought that you can double deal and be in 2 relationships at the same time. If you think you still have an interest in your past relationship, it is always better not to start another new one.

The subject of an ex is usually a no go zone for many couples, however it is always important to clear any concerns with your partner before opening a new chapter. You should also avoid referring to your former partners and instead focus on enjoying your dating life with your new partner.

Askonova Natalya, Cupid